What are the Bible Dietary Laws?

pigSatan twisted God’s Word to convince Eve to eat forbidden fruit.

Today satan twists God’s Word convince us to eat forbidden foods.

God did not change His mind about food nor change the biological structure of animals.

Jesus never ate unclean food nor declare all food clean.  The verse “(Jesus made all foods clean)” was added and is not in any original manuscripts. That is why it is in parenthesis.

Neither Paul nor the dicipless ate forbidden foods (even after Jesus arose). Peter’s vision was not about food but about Gentiles and Jews.

When in doubt–error on the side of caution.


Not Acceptable

Eating these won’t keep you out of heaven but might get you there much sooner!

Land Animals Lev. 11:3-8, 27, Deut. 14:4-8

Any animal that divides foot and chews the cud such as:

  • cow
  • ox
  • sheep
  • goat
  • deer
  • gazelle
  • roebuck
  • wild goat
  • ibex
  • antelope
  • mountain sheep
Animals which either do not chew the cud or divide the hoof such as:

  • rock badger
  • rabbit
  • pig
  • horse
  • donkey
  • quagga
  • llama
  • etc

Whatever goes on its paws such as:

  • dogs, cats, coyote, bears, foxes, etc.

Fish Lev. 11:9-12, Deut. 14:9-10

Any fish that has fins and scales. Such as:

  • Bass
  • croppie
  • flounder
  • cod
  • haddock
  • pike
  • salmon
  • sunfish
  • mackerel
  • snapper
  • trout
  • perch
  • smelt
  • etc
All water life that do not have fins and scales such as:

  • shrimp
  • lobster
  • snails
  • clams
  • shark
  • shell fish
  • eels
  • catfish
  • scallop
  • octopus
  • etc.

Birds Lev. 11:13-19, Deut. 14:11-20

  • pigeon
  • dove
  • chicken
  • pheasant
  • quail
  • partridge
  • grouse
  • turkey
  • song birds
  • ducks (not a bird of prey nor carrion eater)
  • geese
  • red kite
  • falcon
  • raven
  • ostrich
  • owl
  • sea gull
  • hawk
  • little and great owls
  • cormorant
  • white owl
  • pelican
  • carrion
  • vulture
  • stork
  • heron
  • hoopoe
  • bat
  • etc

Insects Lev. 11:20

All the winged insects that walk on all fours are detestable to you.

Creeping Things Lev. 11:29-30

Creeping Things Lev. 11:29-30

  • mole
  • mouse
  • great lizard
  • snakes
  • gecko
  • crocodile
  • lizard
  • sand reptile
  • chameleon
  • turtle
  • toads
  • etc.


You might be surprised to know that Jello and marshmellows, and other foods contain horse!

For more see Did God Change His Mind About Food by Tim Hegg


HOLY COW! Does God Care About What We Eat? begins with the author’s attention-grabbing story personal story. The author was raised as a Jew but only discovers what the Bible really says about eating after she becomes a Christian.

She shares the challenges she had to face when she tried to share her new found Bible truth to her husband. This book is a simple-to-understand overview in plain words the differences between clean and unclean meats.

The author presents a balanced explanation of eating biblically and explains where some of the non-biblical traditions (such as separating milk and meat) come from. Egan addresses the verses that most Christians use to rationalize that all foods are clean (Mark 7 and Acts 10). She uses basic hermeneutic principles to properly interpret the text.

Eagan is very clear that our diets are not a salvation issue while also encourages obedience to God’s Word. I highly recommend this fine book. Hope helps you see how science and Scripture brilliantly intertwine. Promoting neither legalism nor vegetarianism, Holy Cow! gently challenges you to take a fresh look at how you live out your faith!

PLUS: Man Alive! There’s More! in addition extra pages are included by by FFOZ Educational Director and Bible teacher D. Thomas Lancaster, Man Alive!



What the Bible Says about Healthy Living Cookbook
Dr. Rex Russel, Hope Egan, and Amy Cataldo


Great recipes promoting health not legalism nor vegetarianism.



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  1. Hi Robin;

    I appreciate the information that you post – 3 years ago, God directed me to your web site.
    I sometimes struggle between the foods I crave and what the Bible teaches. I found your article on Biblical diatery laws and read it.
    I have also read other articles in conflict with what you post.
    I’m curious about your response.
    Carrie Gadbois

  2. Hi Robin,

    I wanted to clarify in reference to the first comment – The other articles that I had stated that are in conflict were reinforcing this one. That’s all. I hope all is well with you and your family. I really enjoy your web-sites. God bless you, Carrie

    • admin says:

      I believe I answered the articles in conflict above. Today satan twists God’s Word convince us to eat forbidden foods.God did not change His mind about food nor change the biological structure of animals.

      >>Romans 14:1-23 teaches us that not everyone is mature enough in the faith to accept the fact that all foods are clean.< < FOODS- pig and shell fish are not food. Nor are rats and cockroaches. >>Jesus declared all foods clean (Mark 7:19).<< No he didn't- that is tacked on commentary and why it is in parenthesis in any Bible. God cares about food- look what happened to Eve. Hope this helps.

  3. Thank you for an excellent posting. I liked the thought you put straight into it. I truly think I will study more you have writen about the subject. Many thanks again!

  4. live lobster says:

    Thank you for the cool post – Hey I added your story to my myspace page.

  5. […] & Continued Fellowship Not sure about what kind of food to bring? Here is a simple guideline: What are the Bible Dietary Laws? This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← Yom T’ruah at The […]

  6. Debra says:

    I will never eat anything with gelatin again!! Awful!!

  7. karen says:

    Hey Robin,

    I am a semi-vegetarian who at one time was a full fledged vegetarian but began eating fish and seafood again. I always had a feeling that God does not think eating seafood a good idea because of the fact that most are bottom feeders who eat the garbage on the bottom of the ocean. It makes sense that what goes in to the body is what comes out of it. Whatever species of creature you decide to ingest, it’s a good idea to look at their dietary habits as well. Cows are supposed to be vegetarians, fish also eat vegetation and the animals that eat the garbage, are more than likely not the best to eat. I still feel good about my decision of eating fish, but there have been times when I’ve gone back and forth over the seafood issue. My husband has argued with me on this point and tends to believe “we are not under the law but under Grace” mentality. I will do further study on the issue and I’d love to read the books you recommended. Thanks and God Bless!!

  8. maid says:

    I love this points I will subscribe,thanks for sharing

  9. Jeff Craig says:

    A few people have recovered from cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, ms, migraines, psoriasis, ezcema, arthritis and heart disease (even ‘incurable’)
    by obeying God, by following His Directions.

    Most people never try to do what God says, so they never find out. According to Revelation 18 they trust witchcraft instead (or rather “the whole world is deceived by sorcery and witchcraft”) (TODAY).

    Think about this – how many people do you know personally who even know that they know a witch or warlock or sorceror ? To translate “the whole world is deceived by sorcery ” instead of what it means in english doesn’t strike home /make sense/ with very many people – they think it doesn’t apply TODAY, as it doesn’t make sense UNLESS someone TELLS THE TRUTH – and then they
    don’t like it(most people don’t like it), OR , they LOVE IT (a few people LOVE GOD’S TRUTH) , and are healed.

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