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Haverim Study and A Taste of Torah

One of my favorite things about blogging is bringing you great free resources. Here are a few you don’t want to miss!

Remember the reason we go back to the Jewish foundations of our faith is in order to go forward in greater Christian (Christ-like) faithfulness — i.e., good Jewish roots will bear abundant Christian fruit.

Articles by Dwight Pryor

One of my favorite teachers is  Dwight Pryor. At JCStudies.com you can read select articles explaining the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith. Christians who want to develop the Hebraic mind of the Messiah will find it helpful to rethink the Torah (Law) in the light of the Spirit.

Haverim Study/FREE MP3 Downloads

In modern Hebrew Haverim means friends. In Jesus’ day Haverim were companions in study, those dedicated members of the covenant community who studied together in order to diligently obey God’s Word.

The Haverim Study features the latest in audio Bible studies. I absolutely love getting his CDs each month. The wise and scholarly information is presented with passion in an easy-to-understand format. Dwight digs deep into God’s Word shedding the light of the Hebraic roots of our Christian faith. I usually listen to each several times.

Now you can get his teachings in MP3 format free! Listen on your computer or transfer to CD or MP3 player. For monthly messages on CD or tape click here.

Click here to read a chapter(PDF) of Dwight’s best selling book “Behold the Man! Discovering Our Hebrew Lord, the Historical Jesus of Nazareth.” In this excerpt Dwight looks at Hebrew idioms in Greek dress and speaks of several of my favorite authors Dr. Robert Lindsey and David Flusser.

You can read more about resources by Dwight at OurHebrewRoots.com. I highly recommend the Jewish Roots 101 andBehold the Man! Discovering our Hebrew Lord, the Historical Jesus of Nazareth: twelve in-depth study sessions on DVD. (This visual curriculum was my gift last year to each of my employees–they were thrilled).

A Taste of Torah

Dwight’s wife, Keren Hannah Pryor, offers a free weekly devotional commentary on the five books of Moses. These studies are sent to you every Tuesday via email. You can Subscribe here.

If you are familiar with Dwight or Keren’s teaching leave a comment to let others know what you think. Do you have any questions? I’ll answer in the comments below.

Robin Sampson

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