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HCG’s Vision

Centuries of Hellenization and Latinization have left a seemingly indelible mark on today’s church by replacing what was originally a loose-knit network laterally connected congregations and ministries with hierarchical bureaucracies and other systems whose primary function is to preserve the status quo.

Because Christianity has been removed from the Hebraic matrix from which it emerged, our understanding of who we are as believers has been so significantly modified that much of the church now suffers from an identity crisis. Both leaders and followers are unclear of their proper roles and responsibilities, with leaders frequently overtaxed and suffering burnout and constituents often confused and even emasculated and abused.

For centuries, the clergy-laity gap has effectively created two churches in every church: a teaching/performing church and a listening/audience church—a distortion that persists to this day. The disillusionment that this crisis has created has prompted many believers to search for answers in the ancient doctrine and practices of the first-century community of faith. 

The individuals and faith communities around the world that are recovering the Hebrew roots of their Christian faith are discovering that Hebraic models for community fellowship must be restored and that the knowledge and understanding of the church’s Hebraic foundations must be lived out practically in individual, family, and community lives. Now, Hebraic Christian Global Community (HCGC) is a response to the growing groundswell of requests from individuals, ministries, and organizations for a means of facilitating interconnectivity within the international community that is laboring to restore the church’s Hebraic foundations.

HCGC is supported by the theological and philosophical insights of Christian scholars and spiritual leaders who have no personal agenda and seek no recognition. Rather, these scholars see themselves as biblically Hebraic servant leaders in the sense in which Jesus himself described servant leadership (Matthew 23:11). They recognize that they are called only to be facilitators, equipping Christian believers with the understanding and skills necessary for the works of ministry that the Holy Spirit has assigned to them and has empowered them to fulfill (Ephesians 4:11-13).

Being Church, Becoming Community

The Church of Jesus Christ is a reality in the world as it has not ceased to be for twenty centuries. Indeed, its foundations stretch back for 3,500 years to the congregation that God summoned to Sinai to become his covenant people. Today, all those who come in faith to Jesus, confessing and repenting of sins, are born from above and are members of the family of God, coequal members of the universal congregation of Jesus, the community of faith. None is greater than the other, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, or denominational affiliation. All are one in the Messiah; all are the church, a true state of being.

In the face of the challenges of post-modernism, New Age philosophy, and neo-Paganism, what is needed now for the health of the church is a return to the Hebraic model that undergirded the church of Jesus and the apostles. For the well- being of the church, community must be built first so that congregation can emerge as a necessary outworking of community, not vice versa.

In order to fulfill God’s plan for our time, we must continue being the church, but we must also work at becoming a community. The question that confronts those who have a burning passion for the restoration of the global Hebraic community is this: How can we keep this work from becoming another passing fancy of a fad-conscious society? How can we ensure that it makes a profound and lasting impact upon the lifestyle of the Christian community and changes forever the church’s thinking with regard to Israel and the Jewish people?

The answer to these questions is found in the strategy that King David employed when he proposed to restore the Ark of the Covenant to a place of prominence in Israel. Listen to the 1 Chronicles 13:1-3 account of this event: “Then David consulted with the captains of the thousands and the hundreds, even with every leader. And David said to all the assembly of Israel, ‘If it seems good to you, and if it is from the Lord our God . . . let us bring back the ark of our God to us.’ ”

In a virtual reenactment of this ancient Davidic strategy, the Holy Spirit is now calling leaders throughout the Christian community to come together and consider how we may restore and perpetuate the New Testament order of God’s Hebraic system of praise, worship, and service. This work is too great for any one man or any single organization to accomplish. Therefore, it is vital that both leadership and the people of God be brought together for interactive dialogue and collective strategy development. Networking is the focus of God’s designs for this time, just as it was in David’s day. Leaders must abandon their proclivities toward self-aggrandizement and turf-protection to become mutually submitted to one another. We must learn to work together as teammates who respect and honor one another’s talents and “otherness.” We must stop trying to build up our own ministries and concentrate on helping one another facilitate the breaking forth of God’s kingdom. When we do, God will support, strengthen, and multiply our efforts.

One means of achieving this goal is to adopt a true servant-leadership model, of which David, the “man after God’s own heart,” is a prime example. He was able to include the leaders of Israel and “all the people” in the important decisions because he was the servant of God and of the people. He never fought to gain power, nor did he ever fight to maintain it. He understood that only God sets up and takes down leaders; therefore, he was able to function in true servant leadership. Jesus said it well: “He that is greatest among you, let him be your servant.” Servanthood is the model for New Testament leadership. God is looking for servants, not lords; for facilitators, not dictators.

This concept runs cross-current to traditional Gentile ideas of leadership, where entitlement to power and privilege is jealously hoarded and maintained with murderous efficiency. Our model must be the yeshivas of the ancient Jewish sages, where every man was “greenlighted” to express his views on every issue and where all issues were decided in the safety of a “multitude of counselors” (Proverbs 11:14; 24:6). This is the biblical environment in which unity of vision and strategy can be achieved.

Because of its emphasis on orthodoxy and creedalism, Christianity has sought to establish unity through uniformity. If some could not subscribe to the prescribed “faith,” they were anathematized, excommunicated, ostracized, and often even murdered. This approach to unity has produced a fragmented Christianity engaged in internecine carnage, with more energy expended upon exchanges of polemic pyrotechnics than upon engaging the enemy of men’s souls. Denominationalism’s quest for purity of doctrine has more often than not produced impurity of the soul. As Pogo in the comics said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”

The Hebraic model of unity, on the other hand, is one of unity in diversity, with each person’s distinctives respected and honored. With this model, we can affirm our brotherhood both in Adam and in the Messiah, equipping us for the Christ-mandated task of loving all mankind. We can be our brother’s brother (not just our brother’s keeper) regardless as to his gender, ethnicity, race, culture, nationality, or denominational affiliation. We can demonstrate the truth that the community of faith is nothing more than an extended family joined in covenant with the Divine, for covenant is a family dynamic that involves people and God.

If the cause of restoring the church’s Hebraic heritage is to succeed in changing the face of Christianity, it will do so only because those who have this vision come together in truly Hebraic fashion to promote and sustain this cause. We must reach out with compassion to all of our fellow citizens of God’s kingdom to invite their involvement in the research, analysis, and development of the concepts of restoration. We must dare to be inclusive. When others draw a circle that excludes us, we must have the grace and wisdom to draw a bigger circle that includes them. If we present this message of the renewal of Christianity’s Jewish roots with love and inclusion, it will be said universally, “the thing seemed right in the eyes of all the people.”

Let us network ourselves together in a growing community, collectively discovering and restoring the Judaeo-Christianity that the apostles practiced. Together we can present the world with a living model of biblical faith, restoring the Shekhinah to the community of faith and bringing honor to God.

For more go to http://www.hebraiccommunity.org/

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    Free from Hebraic Christian Community :free magazine , 2 ebooks and more! http://bit.ly/3iqLEU

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    Greatings, Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

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  4. How the Savior’s Name Was Changed
    THE SAVIOR WAS BORN in Bethlehem of Yahudäa of a Jewish virgin who spoke Hebrew (or perhaps Aramaic), a Semitic dialect. He was born into a society where Hebrew was the common language. The MALEK had announced to Miriyahm the mother that the Child about to be born would save His people Israel from their sins. His Name, therefore, would literally reflect this meaning and mission.

    The Bible shows that whenever people were spoken to from On High, it was always to those who were familiar with or spoke the Hebrew language. Hebrew no doubt was spoken in the Garden of Eden. The Bible is a Hebrew book, given to spirit-filled Hebrew writers. The only language spoken for the first 1757 years until the Tower of Babel incident was Hebrew. We must conclude, therefore, that Hebrew is the heavenly language.

    Genesis 10:30 reveals that the tribes of Shem did not join the project at the plains of Shinar (Genesis 11:2) where the tower of Babel was built. According to Genesis 10, they dwelled at Mesha, in the foothills of Mount Sephar. Their Hebrew language was not changed.

    With all those facts before us, we must ask, why do our Bibles call the Savior by the name Jesus which is neither Jewish nor Hebrew? Jesus has no translation in any language.

    Why would a Jewish maiden, whose native tongue was Hebrew, living in a Jewish community of Hebrews, who had been addressed by the celestial messenger Gabriel, give her newborn a hybrid Latin-Greek name that carries no such meaning as Savior in either language? The Greek word for savior is “soter,” while the Latin is “salvare.” No part of this word is found in “Jesus,” a name with no etymological meaning. Recall that the angel said His Name would be related to His purpose as Savior.

    Jesus Is Not the Name
    The fact is, Jesus is not His name, and never was. The renowned Bible scholar and archaeologist Ernest Renan writes that the Savior was never called Jesus in His life!

    Furthermore, there is not now nor was there ever an equivalent letter “j” in the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Nor is there any Hebrew letter that carries even an approximate sound of the consonant letter “j.” Neither is there a letter “j” in the Greek alphabet.

    Even our English “j” is of recent origin, appearing in English only 500 years ago, when it often replaced the letter “i,” usually at the beginning of a word.
    The question before us is, what was the Savior’s name before there was a letter “j” ? For some 1500 years He obviously was called by another name that could not have contained the letter “j.”

    Would His Jewish disciples call Him by a hybrid Greek-Latin name when the Bible says they were unlearned and ignorant men? (Acts4:13). They were common fishermen who spoke Hebrew or perhaps the closely related Aramaic dialect. Their Hebrew speech was then translated into Greek by linguists who gave us the record in our Bibles. (Write for our ministudy, Was the New Testament Written in Greek?)

    In this study we will pursue the origin of the English Jesus, and present evidence from both the Bible and secular sources revealing that the name given from On High was the Hebrew name “YAHSHUAH” the same name as the Old Testament son of Nun whom we know as Joshua.

    A Son Carries His Father’s Name
    The Savior clearly avowed, “I am come in my Father’s Name, “John 5:43.
    This passage means that He carried His Father’s Name. Its meaning is not limited solely to His coming by authority or command of the Heavenly Father.

    Just as today the family name is passed on from father to son, we would expect YAHSHUAH to bear the name of the Heavenly Father, AND come with his authority. In the Middle East a name carries far more significance and encompasses deeper implications than names in today’s Western society. There is a reason the Savior was born in a Middle East society that even today holds one’s name in high regard.

    The Savior went on to say that although the people did not receive Him, if another would come in his own name, him they would receive. He added that Moses had written of Him, likely a reference to Exodus 15:2, “Yah…has become my salvation,”
    [Hebrew =shuah, i.e., Yah-shuah]. (See also Deut. 18:15-19.)

    As already stated, the Savior’s Name essentially is the same as that of Joshua (pronounced “Yoshua”), the son of Nun, Numbers13:16. Joshua’s name originally was Hoshea, or Hoshua, but Moses had prefixed the short or poetic form of the sacred Name, YAH, calling Him Yahoshuah, meaning Salvation of YAH.

    From the Babylonian captivity onward, the “o” sound was dropped, according to linguistic authorities, and by the time of the Savior’s birth the name was no longer “YAHOSHUAH,” but became YAHSHUAH. This custom of shortening names is commonplace. For example, “bedlam” comes from Bethlehem, Jon from Jonathan, and Liz or Beth from Elishewah

    The Savior YAHoSHUAH, indeed came in the name of His Father, for His very name means “the Salvation of YAH: ” His name contains the sacred, poetic, heavenly family name YAH: YAH-SHUAH.

    One has but to look at Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8 in the King James Bible where the hybrid “Jesus” erroneously appears. It is obvious that scribes went through the King James Bible and everywhere changed the true name of Yahshuah to Jesus. With overzealous intent, the name Joshua (YAHSHUAH) the son of Nun had been mistakenly replaced with the hybrid “Jesus” as well! Later KJV revisions and newer Bible versions have replaced the more proper Joshua.

    No Other Name Has Salvation

    Salvation comes through YAHSHUAH the Messiah. Salvation is through Him alone. “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

    None other name! That is the same name given by the Malak Gabriel to the mother of YAHSHUAH before He was born.

    Please note that your Bible specifically says there is no other Name! It does not say there no other “person,” which might allow you to call Him by whatever name you wish. YAHSHUAH is the only Name by which we have salvation. There is no other name than YAHSHUAH, which literally means the salvation that Yahweh / YAH has sent.

    In talking with the penitent Jews at Shawuot, Qephah (not Christian Peter) was inspired to give this special Name through which we are to receive salvation. He did not say to be baptized in the person of the Messiah. Peter gave us a very specific command to call on the personal name given by the Father, Acts 2:38, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you in the name of YAHSHUAH MESSIAH for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the RUACHAH HAKADOSH .”

    To be sure, the person of Yahshuah is important. But the Name He was given by the angel came from On High and carries a very special meaning for the Savior, embodying the Name of Yah-weh the Father Himself. The Name YAH-SHUAH acknowledges both the Father and the salvation that is in His

    Upon learning truth, we are to walk obediently in it. Most of us have learned deeper truth in small increments, then put into practice what we have learned. YAH will continue to reveal more truth only if we accept and follow those things He has shown us. Why should He give more insight to those who reject and rebel at what He has already revealed?

    Once we know the truth, past ignorance does not justify our continuing in ignorance. “The times of this ignorance YAH winked at, but now commands all men everywhere to repent,” Acts 17:30. He reveals His truth to those who willingly seek and follow it.

    Disguising the Name YAH
    How did the sacred Name get changed in our Bibles?

    The concealing of the four letters of the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) representing the Name of the Father first began with the Israelite priests. It was carried further by the ignorance of the early Christian translators.

    The superstitious Jewish scribes, aware of Leviticus 24:16 and other verses that demanded reverence for YAH Name, decided the best way to keep from blaspheming His Name would be to invoke substitute titles instead of calling on the proper Name Yahweh. By never allowing anyone to utter the sacred Name was, in their thinking, eliminating the potential of blaspheming it.

    To forestall anyone’s reading the Tetragrammaton and vocalizing the name Yahweh, the scribes had placed diacritical marks of the vowels for Adonai over the Hebrew letters for His Name. In fact, the first vowel carried the sound of “e” as in met so the reader would read Yeh, and not blurt out even the short or poetic form, Yah. Theirs was a misguided zeal.

    Early Translators Also Hide His Name
    The early Christian translators were poor Hebrew scholars. In fact, most were ignorant of Hebrew knowing only Greek and Latin. Having the attitude of “not wanting anything to do with those detestable Jews,” they refused even to learn Hebrew and were thus unable to read the Old Testament in the original language. The main source of their information came from the Greek Septuagint translation of the Old Testament and not from original Hebrew texts.

    The Greek has three declensions of nouns, three genders and five cases. The noun suffix (ending) indicates its use in the sentence, which also is true of most European languages.

    For example, in Greek the masculine, nominative singular of our Savior’s name ends in “s.” This explains why we also have so many proper nouns in the King James Bible whose Hebrew has been changed to end in the Greek form “s,” such as Judas, Elias, Jonas, Esaias, Zacharias, Jermias, Annas, and Silas.

    These names were lifted directly out of the Greek Septuagint with no consideration that they were Hebrew names (often having the ending “YAH,”).

    As stated, neither Hebrew nor Greek has a letter “j.” Both the Latin and the English letter “i” (with a sound as in police)is regarded as an equivalent to the Hebrew “yothe” (also “yod”).

    Never should the Savior’s Name begin with the sound of “j” as in “jeers” but should begin with the vowel sound “ee.”

    In the Septuagint, the equivalent Greek letter for YAHSHUAH began with a capital I (or iota), and in the Latin was properly translated with a capital I. Later this became the letter “j” in Latin and was used for a capital “I” in early English, known as the “cursive J.”

    Where Did ‘Yeshua’ Come From?
    Following the example in the Septuagint, Christian scholars did attempt to transliterate (bring across the sound of) the Savior’s Name as it was written in the Greek.

    Writing Yahweh’s name in the Hebrew texts, Yewish Scribes instead of the qamets ( ), had inserted a shewa (:), changing the vowel sound “ah” to “eh” to forestall blurting out the short form “YAH” of the Sacred Name. This practice is still found in the erroneous “JEHovah.” Jehovah is a better but incorrect rendition.

    Thus, we have the Savior’s Name beginning with “JE” when it should be “YAH” as in “HalleluYAH” We don’t say “halleluYEH.”

    Using the Greek capital “I” (iota), they did not insert the vowel letter “a” (alpha) but had ignorantly accepted the Hebrew diacritical vowel points and used the letter “e” (eta). Thus they began the Savior’s name as “Ie…”

    The Greek has no “h” in its alphabet, only a rough breathing mark at a word’s beginning that appears as a reverse apostrophe. No “h” appears in Greek of the poetic form “YAH” In fact from the above, we can see the first part of the Tetragrammaton in Greek would be written” Ie” (with no “h” as they had none) to be consistent with the Jew’s rule of “Yeh” to avoid vocalizing the “YAH” sound. Nor did the Jews want in any way to associate YAHs Name with that of the Savior’s, which might be seen as acknowledging His position as the very Son of YAH Who came in His Father’s Name.

    The Greek has no “sh” sound, so only the “s” (sigma= s) appears. Thus far, we have the first three letters of the Savior’s name, “IES.” In the Greek this is followed by “o” (o= omicron), the sound being short, as in lot. This is followed by the “u”(upsilon = u), sounded as “oo.”

    The transliteration in Greek, then, is something like “Ee-ess-oo-uh.”Say it rapidly and we get a fairly close rendition, “Yesuah,” remembering no “sh” sound was available. In Greek the Savior’s name appears as “IESOUS” (with the suffix “s” for the Greek ending). The Latin translation was then made primarily from the Greek text, bypassing the original Hebrew.

    As the Savior’s Name was then transliterated into the Latin directly from the Greek translation, we have the masculine, nominative singular ending in “s,” which was erroneously brought into the Latin as Iesous, and later became Iesus.

    When the capital “I” was given a cursive tail about 500 years ago to become the “J,” it also took up the sound of the French ” J” as in journal. His name soon was corrupted to “Jesus” in English.

    However, in Latin the “j” is sounded as “i” in police, or “ee.” The Balkan country Yugoslavia was once spelled Jugoslavia, but was pronounced as it is today, Yugoslavia.

    Maps at the turn of the century often identified the U.S.S.R. as “Sowjet Russiah.” The “j” had the “ee” sound and the “w” had the Germanic “v” sound. The word “major” is pronounced as “mayor” in both Latin and German. June and July are pronounced” Yune” and “Yuly.”

    All of this may be burdensome and technical, but necessary to show the evidence that the name of the Hebrew Savior is Yahshuah. He came in His Father’s name, “YAH” Had the Christian translators gone back to the original Hebrew His Name could have been faithfully preserved in the correct form ” YAHSHUAH ” Instead, His Name was taken from the Greek into Latin, and then English, losing the Hebrew and we end up with a Latinized-Greek hybrid instead of the holy, saving Name YAHSHUAH It is like taking loose change repeatedly from one pocket to place in another and losing a little of it each time.

    Necessity of His Name
    His name means “the salvation of YAH” Nothing like this can be gleaned from the man-made, erroneous name “Jesus,” which developed from first the superstitious Jewish scribes, and then perpetuated through the ignorance of Christian scholars who were ridiculed by the Jews for their lack of linguistic knowledge of Hebrew.

    Jewish Rav Shaul (not Christian Paul-Rom-Esau) reveals, “YAH also has exalted [YAHSHUAH and given Him a name which is above every name, that at the name of YAHSHUAH every knee should bow…”.
    The Name YAH gave to Miryam by which His SON was to be called was YAHSHUAH! This can be proved from margin notes in MattiYAHu 1:21 in most Bibles. The translators substituted and disguised the kadosh Name, giving us the erroneous hybrid Jesus. It simply is not His Name!

    Furthermore, Jewish Rav Shaul (not Christian Paulus – Roms – Esaw/Esau) says that the entire family of YAHWEH (YAH) will be called by the precious name of “YAH,”. Some of the prophets carried His name, such as YesaYah, ObadYah, ZephanYah, ZecharYah, and YeremYah.

    We are to be given a specific name by the Father, and by which we will be known. How can anyone despise, ridicule and reject the NAME YAH now, and then love and reverence it-and be called by it-in the Kingdom?

    Names in the Bible have deep significance and have definite meanings. They give us deeper understanding. He has thus set before us an open door for more truth. His salvation is in the Name of His SON, YAHSHUAH, “and we are to keep His word and not deny His NAME,” Revelation 3:8. Under heaven there is none other name than YAHSHUAH and through Him we have salvation.



  5. I have read other blogs along the same topic as yours but none have really been as detailed. I really appreciate your thought you put into it. It really shows. Thanks again.

  6. You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The sector hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

  7. The Great Revelations of understanding For all Mens of God on earth – Mens of God fight for truth of God.

    The form spiritual of Beast – The War Sacerdotal. Jeremy 33:3- The Great spirit of evil raised by the betrayal of judas for End of Time in Apocalypse.

    The Christian Ministry for the Evangelical Churches in the World, and the holy people of Jesus Christ.

    * Text in green is a new revelations, The CHIP of Intelligence Artificial is a Robotics Structure of BODY MOSES ( MOSHE ) in Future robotic of BEAST. Prophets of God,The a Memorial of Moses on Mount Nebo in Jordan, and few know it exists, is that it is the Crucified Serpent of Moses, but in fact nobody knows exactly wherehis body is yet available on the Internet to GOOGLE Memorial of Moses on Mount Nebo.This is a real spiritual.

    For understanding spiritual of mens of God
    In the Book of Judas in Bible, one before the Apocalypse, says that the archangel Michael did not dare utter judgement Offense against the devil, disputed when the body of Moses ( moshe ).to reason in the book of Kings about the act of Saul, when Samuel was dead and he sought a necromancer who gets up Samuel from the dead.Understand who has understanding. This is First BEAST. ( Apocalypse 17 – Stand up of abism )is a pact of dead and Satan, for domination World, in U.N and Council World Church, he are Center of earth. avail IIcorinthians Vers 3 – 7,8,9,10,11, be wise and think that the devil would want the dead body of moises ( moshe ).

    The Mistery of The Power Blood of Beast
    The Mystery of the Blood, after the death and resurrection of the beast, there will be no atonement, nomore shedding of blood, for the healing of the beast will be blood in the Apocalypse says that men will seek death, and she had escaped them, that for the healing of the beast is within the blood, even ifsomeone gets hurt of death shall be no more blood spilled, it is as if the blood was plastic, and wastrapped inside the body so that the deepest cut in the body of a person, do not bleed more, therefore I say that the beast will have power over the blood of people’s lives and dominated by the power of all lifeby the blood DNA technologies, the Beast will still atoning blood inside the body Robotic CHIP by people, without having to spill. Jeremiah 33:3.

    For understanding Mens of God – As the Beast will be on Earth have raised
    I wonder espirtualmente we are asleep, that God had a dream in whichhetold me of the endhas already begun, but no one noticed yet,anda few days later I had another dream down aladder from a tomb inapyramidofegyptSayingRamitek Pharaoh, ( theincrediblefascinationforthose whoworship Pharaoh -the Masons of world, and then woke up, andunderstandingthat came to the heart,which was a tomb ofaPharaoh’s unbelievable to be found, and itbecomesdesolate, andadmirers of thecult ofmysticism of Egypt and also the veryFreemasonrythatworshipspyramids, tobelieve therevelation will beapharaohfoundbeneaththe waters, because his tomb is inside the pyramid in the water,he go ilmunitations are pyramids- The Pharaoh of waters.butnotcompletelyunderstand what this meansanddeepconnectionwhichhasthe Beast, but I knowthat apostasy is already beginningin this bible that says we can not serve two masters,can not serve God and Mammon,andmammon here is Freemasonry,very apostles and bishops and pastors to day involved withFreemasonry are also Grand Masters, which shows us that one day such division results in the choice of only one of the principle of SAUL,
    through the sin of 2Thessalonians2verses,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 -Thebeast is raisedas an anti-Christ, the sin of an apostle of Jesus Christ,apostasy, in a vision I had the voice of theman who said he would drink all night and then wake up someone else and it would causehim to be a go the body of Moses, but he will go to Egypt, and tell you more he will be calledName epitituals – The POPE-MESSIAH-RESSURRECTED for all peoples of world.

    Beloved in Christ we must seek God very much, because it belongs to the deepand secret, because the revelations show us the faithfulnessofGod,what isnow tells us the spiritual depth of what willbethespiritual events ofthe beast,for it will be baptized with the waters ofmarking the foreheadshisresurrection,he had called all the waters,because hebelievedthat allwaters belong to you,Iwill explain, the wateris the principle in the book ofGenesis says that God’s Spirit hovered over the waters , MosesinEgyptianmeans taken from Waters,and RAMITEK I mention above, is thePharaoh of theWaters has yet beenfound, mostwill find it a pyramid, is whatis thefascination of the Light, LightandWater arethe spiritual principles ofBeastand to finalize the Baptism of thebeast, Ifinallydenounce the devilthat will make it what it is – theWaterAuthorityDagon worshiped by the Philistines,thebeast is probablyon a ship,had taken ashot ( Forehead ) ditching at sea, and rose again,symbolizing Baptism of Resurrection,whilebaptizing all the watersin theirblood making them exist,and imitatesthe baptismthatraisedJesus Christ,will be a great spectacle for the world.

    On the eighth day after the resurrection of the beast, all received their brand, this is the blood ofcircumcision Beast, because all blood should be exposed, and the technology of DNA translated the blood of all people, but this should come from the first Beast, in the future to identify the blood, thegreater will be the recognition of a person’s life and will also mean its alliance with the beast and the waters of his resurrection, blood and water are linked, and all the blood on the blood of the beast, then it will one blood curse of remission in the blood of death and resurrection of the beast.

    The Beast is a new POPE, of New Order Ecumenical Patriarchs go Baptize , new POPE of WORLD.

    The First Beast arises from a World Religious Council, this Council set up a new pope, more powerful than the Pope of the Catholic Church, and it will be accepted in the Organization of the United Nations.UN, as Leader of World Peace, he will take a shot in the head, will resurrect, then the world will believe that he is holy, and will make a virtual image. In the Apocalypse says that the Beast is (10) ten horns and ten crowns, the crowns,are the countries or kingdoms ruled by the Ecumenical Patriarch, these Ten Ecumenical Patriarchs will baptize the beast, and give the POPE power, to be worshiped as a saint and messiah after Resurrect.

    For all men who seek and call upon the name of God our Lord Jesus, our Christ.

    Attention men of God, for spiritual revelation of the Beast of Revelation 13:11

    The Beast will have the power to convict and sentence for the sin of Blasphemy.
    He accused those who have not confessed to blasphemy,and blasphemy in the Bible is asin to death, so he sentenced those who say Jesus,but this beast is blasphemy, it is raisedby thesin of blasphemy and blasphemous receiving authority condemns thosewho notworship himand do not declareit with their own mouths.theBiblesaysthatthepriestscondemned Jesus Christ to die forthe sin of blasphemy. The principle and the price of the sin of apostasy which is the thief of the faith of Jesus Christ, which shall be an apostle of evangelical Masonic, which is already scheduled to undergo the action of this spirit of apostasy and once fallen from the faith of Jesus Christ , will enable the move of the spirit of apostasy to use it to go after the body of Moses ( moshe ), which is stored until the present day by angel of evil for this purpose the end times, is even where the devil steal of apostasy the faith of Jesus Christ of Apostolic Evangelical Church, then there will be a spiritual act to an evil that will undertake against the faith of Jesus Christ, Christian people throughout the world and in every church, but this evil from the body moises will move independently to the Orthodox Patriarchate, to raise a POPE for a new order on the Catholic Pope, this evil existed for those who want to worship the faith of Jesus Christ to be adored by idolatry, to which comprise the same act of Saul when he sought the necromancer raise Samuel from the dead.

    The Mistery of The Power Blood of Beast
    The Mystery of the Blood, after the death and resurrection of the beast, there will be no atonement, nomore shedding of blood, for the healing of the beast will be blood in the Apocalypse says that men will seek death, and she had escaped them, that for the healing of the beast is within the blood, even ifsomeone gets hurt of death shall be no more blood spilled, it is as if the blood was plastic, and wastrapped inside the body so that the deepest cut in the body of a person, do not bleed more, therefore I say that the beast will have power over the blood of people’s lives and dominated by the power of all lifeby the blood DNA technologies, the Beast will still atoning blood inside the body Robotic CHIP by people, without having to spill. Jeremiah 33:3.

    The Second beast that rises from the earth, will come from the Clone of Man Black, Millionary (a pact of Freemasonry, the spirit of Mammon) and it will turn into a white, and green eyes, and hair Plain Black, he become like Michael Jackson has become. ( no racism )This is a Revelations Spirituals for understand.

    The Hitler BLACK, WHITE transformed into Man, go blaspheme the Holy Spirit of God, the sin that has no forgiveness, for he will hate this life you have and the other lives, and will go to destroy them spiritually, this is adestroyed spiritually.Matheus 12:32. He are President in United states , in Future. For this he will copy his Genetica DNA, and transfer your malediction death spirituals to all those who receive the CHIP Money Universal, being the Principle and Alliance Sin spiritual death that has no forgiveness. it will be one in all and all it will be a beginni and end of immortal sin. This is eternal death.The Phone CELL CHIP is a technology of Beast for all human end Time. In future technology go traduction DNA Genetics of all Humanity in world.

    Observation.: in one of the visions I saw a Chinese child, saying my name is xi an and I’ll rule the nations with a rod of iron. China is the Moon, The greatness that established the image of the Beast in space.
    Beloved people of God, you are wonderful and truly knows what deep and secret things – Jeremiah 33:3,I wonder who seek God, because I share more of a revelation, in which China will rise to the moon, the moon and a the most important symbols of mysticism and the occult, is the Altar of the image of the Beast, the moon will be the new satellite, technology and the Beast and communication center of your image will be transmission, He manifested space for all to see the image of the Beast Moon, China putthe antenna television distribution conditions, cellular, and internet connection matrix for the image of the Beast for all media and the world will see him, when China established this new time across of his visit to moon that will be of spiritual principle, the kingdom of the beast will be established through thedomains Technologies of communication through the kingdom of the Dragon.

    The great Mistery of CHIP ROBOTIC, He go standup and your understanding of Body Moses ( MOSHE ) in End Of Time in revolution technology of Men. Men of God, the gift of prophecy makes us stay ahead in time in visions and understandings, which puts God is omnipresent at all times and eras, he is, and noescapes from their knowledge almighty, imagine men of God, the consecration the new pope in the Boat(Ship) ecumenism being done at Sea, and this New Year, and this, Blessed Death suffered injury, falls into the sea and rose, this means that the time will stop, and she changed the times and the law as it says in Daniel, number 13, which sum will be the beginning of the beast to changing times, more than 8to circumcision, we are adding 13 +8 21 days being the same time as the prince of Greece resisted theDaniel’s prayers then will come to the CHIP IMPLEMENTATION Robotics Beast, beloved in the futurerobotic Chips up images of idolatry will speak and move, because that will raise the body of Moses will be a ROBOTIC CHIP when they are designed to control members, someone else to be behind the control of the body of Moses, the more that God has not told me who is able to be a woman. (Snake)

    The End of Time Revelatios to churches of God . The Great Mistery of Technology of Body (MOSES) .
    Beloved Church of God, we need to seek God more, and their spiritual direction, this is a time of apostasy passive, where the interest of the human will prevails, ready to fulfill the word of God, the more I wonder we understand, the anointing of the Holy (Jesus), because what I write now is to seek understanding, Chip’s robotic beast, the First in Mind-Matrix of the Beast, something else will be linked to this chip that is controlling it, it does not COPM is a living will, or is the serpent, or a woman being objective, which also has a chip on hisROBOTIC Matrix Mind, a wise woman as Eve, deceived many men, more SNAKE that behind this woman is an alien entity or ET, this entity will be hidden, controlling everything, has theBible says, in the beginning when manipulated Eve to entice Adam to eat the Fruit of Doom,for this spiritual revelations of the Servants of God, say the day of the Rapture, will be seenseveral UFOs extraterrestrial spacecraft. Wisdom of them against the cunning of Satanstrategy. Jeremiah 33:3 Programming (Artificial Intelligence) Robotics to possess the body of Moses in the technological future of mankind, he absorbed and assumed all existingidentities and DNA.The revelations lead us to a future of technological advances where themanifestation of the Beast will be done by robotic artificial intelligence engine, a programseeking an identity to be dressing up as many as many as he can in principle in the body ofMoses, he absorbed the identity of everyone and everything in them, and Knowledge in allits greed, he discerned between truth and lie and manipulate’ll know and learn from theman himself, the most ever found the answer he most wants to further its program asks you to find and find the meaning of its own robotic existence among men, or even without knowing what God is never seen him play, you will find that it belongs to the human imagination, and defied all powerful and all the great names of the earth, seeking to confront you if something subject understanding and never ending quest.

    Beloved people of God, Jesus is wonderful, and the true revealer of the hidden and concealed, I say this because I am a witness, because this last vision I saw the writing 8TGpopikin.net, which would be the new Networking World Beast, which interconnect all obedience to the beast, which will use the technology itself of man to dominate it, that why this will be the new pope’s window, an improvement ofthe Vatican window, this window is the universal network of large new risen POPE that will bring a new era, a new time and calculated by computer for all to worship and confess as the Messiah, Christ, Lord,and God of this world, this is the demonic Emmanuel of humanity – 8TGPOPIKIN.NET unit is activated, with the principles of the Administration Server Network Technology Global Satellite ViaSatellite, we have a Humanoid supercomputer, able to meet, interact and be part of every computer on the network system, as CENTER MATRIX-all, through technology that will take China to the moon, to be exalted among the nations, another important fact is precision reading Information that became available on AUDIO to speak, we are close to computer systems make independent reading Text, we can then take the first intelligent system that will communicate or talk to people, that predict the onset of the Beast was.

    THE WORLD SYSTEM OF CALCULATION – System Domain and control of the Beast .
    beloved church of christ, do you ever you wisdom and understanding thatnoone else hasbecause we aremoving towards the fulfillmentofGod’s word,and everything is about to be fulfilled, and thechurchcannotbesurprisedby the outbreak of the beasts, for it to sharea revelation, which is the GlobalCalculus, which will be revealedalongwiththeBEASTCHIP,we know that the computer itself wasdevelopedin ordertomakecalculations,and this comesfrom a powerful computer programableto performcalculationsaccurately and instantly, and anythingthatinvolvesnumbers shall be governed bythisWorldSystemCalculations, identities,bank agencies, businesses, governments, presidents, Phone comunications e identification human DNA codesamong others, have the numbersthatdefinedomainiecontrol ofeverything,including lives, as many are receiving the BEASTCHIP world, to finish examining the Book of Revelation 13:18, here is put most of the revelations,that is engineer in
    calculation and recording of all the fact or number And this will make the beast shave deepdomain because everything has and will havenumbers,the anointingofholylivingandtrueand beloved church,jesus christ, give you more wisdom to his glory.

    The new System of Money Mark of the Beast will speak
    Only God and wonderful and reveals deep and hidden from those who are your beloved ones in Christ Jesus know that the new system’s money mark of the beast will speak, that even all heard the voice ofmoney MAMMONN entity in the new order of Freemasonry financial world.

    To bore the spiritual process that satanas projects to lift the beast through the sin of apriest apostle ofJesus Christ himself-whichdefines the beginning and move slowly with theanti-Christ power inthe land.
    Speculation about the number of the beast, which can be the number 8 to analyze the Olympics in China on 08/08/2008 this is a sign, because it has a universally accepted number across Asia and around the West as a number of Wealth and Luck for the millionaires and billionaires in the world. The Beast in Apocalypse 17 : are with 8 Member of Power world avail in bible mens of God.

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