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New Testament Bible Worksheets

Title Book Verse
Zacharias and Elizabeth Luke 1:5-25
Gabriel Visits Mary Luke 1:26-38
The Birth of John the Baptist Luke 1:39-80
The Birth of Jesus Luke 2:1-7
Angels Appear to Shepherds Luke 2:8-20
Simeon and Anna Luke 2:25-38
The Wise Men Matthew 2:1-12
Escape to Egypt Matthew 2:13-23
The Boy Jesus Visits the Temple Luke 2:39-52
John the Baptist Luke 3:1-22
John Baptizes Jesus Mark 1:1-11
Jesus is Tempted Matthew 4:1-11
Jesus Turns Water Into Wine John 2:1-12
The Cleansing of the Temple John 2:13-22
Jesus and Nicodemus John 3:1-21
The Fishers of Men Luke 5:1-11; 6:12-16
Through the Roof Mark 2:1-12
Jesus Heals a Crippled Hand Luke 6:6-11
The Beatitudes Matthew 5:1-12
Love Your Enemies Matthew 5:43-48
The Woman at the Well John 4:1-42
Healing the Nobleman's Son John 4:46-54
Rejection at Nazareth Mark 6:1-6
The House Built on the Rock Matthew 7:24-29
The Pool at Bethesda John 5:1-15
The Healing of the Centurion's Servant Luke 7:1-10
The Son of the Widow of Nain Luke 7:11-17
Anointing Jesus' Feet Luke 7:36-50
Parable of the Sower Luke 8:4-18
Jesus Calms a Storm Matthew 8:23-27
Parable of Wheat & Tares Matthew 13:24-30,36-43
Parables of the Treasure & the Pearl Matthew 13:44-46
The Daughter of Jairus Luke 8:40-56
Feeding the 5,000 John 6:1-14
Jesus Walks on the Water Mark 6:45-52
The Transfiguration Matthew 17:1-13
Jesus and the Children Mark 10:13-16
The Promise of the Holy Spirit John 7:37-39
Who is the Greatest? Matthew 18:1-5
The Parable of the Lost Sheep Matthew 18:10-14
The Adulterous Woman John 8:1-12
Jesus Heals the Blind Man John 9:1-41
The Good Shepherd John 10:1-21
Jesus Raises Lazarus John 11:1-44
The Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37
Jesus Visits Mary and Martha Luke 10:38-42
The Prodigal Son Luke 15:11-32
The Rich Man and Lazarus Luke 16:19-31
Jesus Heals Ten Lepers Luke 17:11-19
The Pharisee and the Publican Luke 18:9-14
The Rich Young Ruler Luke 18:18-27
Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard Matthew 20:1-16
Zacchaeus Luke 19:1-10
Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus Mark 10:46-52
A Story About Investing Luke 19:11-27
Mary Anoints Jesus' Feet John 12:1-8
The Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem Matthew 21:1-11
Jesus Cleanses the Temple Again Luke 19:45-48
The Parable of the Two Sons Matthew 21:28-32
The Parable of The Evil Vinedressers Matthew 21:33-46
The Great Commandment Mark 12:28-34
The Widow's Mite Luke 21:1-4
Signs, End of the Age & the Tribulation Matthew 24:3-28
The Second Coming Matthew 24:27-31
The Parable of the Ten Maidens Matthew 25:1-13
The Last Supper Luke 22:7-20
The Master Becomes a Servant John 13:1-17
The Way, the Truth and the Life John 14:1-6
The True Vine John 15:1-11
The Garden of Gethsemane Luke 22:39-53
Judas Betrays Jesus Luke 22:47-53
Peter's Denial John 18:15-18,25-27
The Sanhedrin, Herod & Pilate Luke 22:66-23:25
Jesus is Crucified Luke 23:26-49
Jesus is Risen! Mark 16:1-11
Peter and John Visit Jesus' Tomb John 20:1-10
The Road to Emmaus Luke 24:13-35
Thomas Doubts John 20:24-29
Jesus Helps Catch Fish John 21:1-14
Jesus Restores Peter John 21:15-19
The Ascension Luke 24:44-53
The Day of Pentecost Acts 2:1-41
The Early Church Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-37
Peter and John Heal a Lame Man Acts 3:1-26
Peter and John Arrested and Released Acts 4:1-31
Ananias and Sapphira Acts 5:1-11
Stephen Acts 6:1-8:2
Philip and the Ethiopian Acts 8:26-40
Saul is Converted Acts 8:1-4; 9:1-22
Peter Raises Tabitha Acts 9:36-43
Peter and Cornelius Acts 10:1-8, 24-48
Peter's Vision Acts 10:9-16
The Church in Antioch Acts 11:19-30
Peter is Released From Prison Acts 12:1-19
Paul's First Missionary Journey Acts 12:25-13:52
The Jerusalem Council Acts 15:1-29
Timothy Joins Paul and Silas Acts 16:1-5
The Call to Macedonia Acts 16:6-10
Paul and Silas are Imprisoned Acts 16:16-40
To The Unknown God Acts 17:16-34
The Riot at Ephesus Acts 19:11-41
Paul is Arrested in the Temple Acts 21:26-22:29
Paul is Sent to Felix Acts 23:23-24:27
Paul Goes Before Agrippa Acts 25:13-26:32
Voyage to Rome Acts 27:1-12
Shipwreck at Malta Acts 27:13-28:16
Paul's Ministry in Rome Acts 28:17-31
Paul Writes About Faith Romans 3:21-5:5
There is Therefore Now No Condemnation Romans 8:1-12
Sharing the Gospel Romans 10:1-11:36
Be a Living Sacrifice to God Romans 12:1-15:13
God's Call-That No Flesh Should Glory 1 Corinthians 1:26-31
Running the Race 1 Corinthians 9:24-27
Spiritual Gifts 1 Corinthians 12:1-31;14:1-40
The Gift of Love 1 Corinthians 13:1-13
Our Glorious New Bodies 1 Corinthians 15:35-57
In Christ, We Are a New Creation 2 Corinthians 5:14-21
The Churches of Macedonia are Giving 2 Corinthians 8:1-7
The Fruit of the Spirit Galations 5:22-26
Sowing and Reaping Galations 6:6-10
By Grace Through Faith Ephesians 2:1-10
Our Chief Cornerstone Ephesians 2:19-22
The Whole Armor of God Ephesians 6:10-20
The Excellence of the Knowledge of Christ Philippians 3:3-11
The Christian Home Colossians 3:18-4:6
The Day of the Lord 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11
Pray for All Men 1 Timothy 2:1-7
The Last Days 2 Timothy 3:1-9
Demas Forsakes Paul 2 Timothy 4:9-21
Heirs of Grace Titus 3:1-8
Paul Writes to Philemon Philemon 1:1-25
Our Great High Priest Hebrews 4:14-5:11
The Just Live by Faith Hebrews 10:26-39
Faith Without Works is Dead James 2:14-26
Concerning the Fiery Trials 1 Peter 4:12-19
Submit to God, Resist the Devil 1 Peter 5:5-11
False Prophets 2 Peter 2:1-22
As a Thief in the Night 2 Peter 3:10-13
Walking in the Light 1 John 1:5-10
Let Us Love One Another 1 John 4:7-16
John Hears the Voice as of a Trumpet Revelation 1:9-19
The Seven Churches Revelation 1:20-3:22
The Throne Room of Heaven Revelation 4:1-11
Jesus Takes the Scroll Revelation 5:1-14
The Seven Seals Revelation 6:1-17; 8:1-6
The Sealed Servants Revelation 7:1-8
Martyrs of the Great Tribulation Revelation 7:9-17
The Seven Trumpets Revelation 8:7-9:21;11:15-19
The Two Witnesses Revelation 11:1-14
The Woman, the Child and the Dragon Revelation 12:1-17
Jesus and the 144,000 Revelation 14:1-5
The Seven Bowls Revelation 15:7-16:21
The Fall of Babylon Revelation 18:1-24
The Marriage Supper of the Lamb Revelation 19:6-9
Christ Defeats the Armies of the Beast Revelation 19:11-21
The Millennium Revelation 20:1-6
The Lake of Fire Revelation 20:7-10,14-15
The Great White Throne Judgment Revelation 20:11-15
A New Heaven and A New Earth Revelation 21:1-7
The New Jerusalem Revelation 21:9-27
The River of Life Revelation 22:1-5
I Come Quickly Revelation 22:6-17, 20-21

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